Peekaboob | Nursing Scarf


On-the-go breastfeeding made easy and stylish! The Peekaboob Nursing Scarf by Kushies converts into a nursing cover when needed. Easy to put on and take off, this nursing scarf offers moms full coverage. Made of buttery soft 100% bamboo, it is lightweight and comfortable. The larger than average size offers mom complete discretion while feeding baby. Simply put the scarf over your head through the neck hole for quick and easy feeding anywhere you are. The Peekaboob Nursing Scarf is a cinch to use - no ties to adjust or fasten. Once feeding is over, simply use it as a scarf. No need to pack it in the diaper bag. Available in black, raspberry and grey colours for a subtle and sophisticated look without compromising on comfort and utility. Made of bamboo so it's gentle on you, your baby and the environment.