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I recently had my 4 month baby visit with my pediatrician and got an information package that suggested introducing solids anywhere between 4 and 6 months. As a dietitian and family food expert, who has done additional training in infant feeding, I have always suggested parents start closer to 6 months. However, in my infant feeding workshops there is always TONS of confusion about when to start and parents have received different information from different health care providers. During my own visit I experienced this first hand, I mean 4-6 months can be a huge range, especially when it comes to babies and their growth. That being said, my pediatrician is wonderful and was confident I could make the right decision for my little one and I want you to feel the same for your little one!
  • 7 min read
Kushies® washable diapers are made with 100% cotton flannel. Cotton is more comfortable, breathable, cooler and more natural to baby’s skin, especially on sensitive body parts. Cloth diapers are a healthier choice for your baby and your planet. By simply choosing cloth diapers, you are making a tremendous impact on the environment and offering your child a cleaner world to live in.
  • 3 min read
When we first started shopping for baby and nursery things I kept seeing Kushies brand in the big stores, but also in the local shops we have here too. I immediately fell in love with the grey chevron patterned things and I was so excited when we got the crib and bassinet sheets, and change pad cover at my shower! So when they reached out to me after Bash was born to see if I’d like to try out some of their new collection I was definitely in! I was also looking forward to trying out some of their clothes since we’re now in the stage of figuring out which brands and sizing fits Bash the best. Turns out that’s quite a process so I’m pretty grateful for the hand-me-downs we’ve been getting so that we can try out a bunch of different things.
  • 3 min read